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Whether you’re a seasoned skater, total newbie wanting to learn to skate or just dying to put on a pair of skates again, RollerFit is a fitness program that caters to all levels of skill and experience.

Just eight years ago, RollerFit began as a small group of women wanting to get fit while having fun on skates now we’re all over the east coast of Australia.

Not bad!

All RollerFit employees are accredited coaches who come from an artistic rollerskating, Roller Derby, Roller Dance or park skating  background. Not only can we help you get the funnest workout of your life – we’ve got the skills to help you get from holding onto the wall to smashing your weight loss or skating skills goal.

Interested In Roller Dance, Park skating,  Roller Derby or Artistic Skating?

We’ve got you covered, too – many of our RollerFit skaters have gone on to to smash goals in all these sports.  Let us know your goal when you start with us and we can tailor our classes to help you get there!

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