Coronavirus Update

**UPDATE: 17th MARCH 2020**

It is with sadness but necessity that we advise all our classes will be closed until further notice. We are continuing to monitor the public health situation and are working on the best way forward for our programs over the coming weeks. We want to stress we are putting the community and health of our clients and teachers first at all our venues. All measures are being taken to make sure we are looking after our vulnerable populations and contributing to lowering the curve for our healthcare system.

As a small business, classes and our sister business @rollergirlpromotionsaus are our primary revenue streams, and like so many other small businesses in our community, we are very concerned about what this will mean for RollerFit long term. Our team are brainstorming ways we can stay afloat and continue to operate during and beyond this difficult time. The RollerFit online store will still be operating for all your skate supplies, clothing, and accessories needs.

We hope you can continue to skate as both a physical and mental outlet, whether that be outdoors or in your homes (we are strong advocates of kitchen skating!).

Please stay tuned for more updates and continue to follow all guidelines from the Department of Health.

**15th March, 2020**

At RollerFit we are closely monitoring the public health situation relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and at this stage, will be continuing to run most of our classes with some extra precautions in place. At the moment, our Bathurst venue has closed which means classes at this location are cancelled until further notice. Other venues will remain open for now, and we will act in accordance with government and venue recommendations, so please follow us on social media for updates.

According to the AIS, ‘exercise and participation in sport remains an important part of physical and mental health for everyone. For those who are well, they should continue to be active by engaging in exercise and playing sport.’ In line with this, we will continue to provide a space to be active, however, if you are coming to our classes , we ask that you consider everyone’s health and safety before attending. If you are feeling unwell, we ask you to please stay home. Let’s be mindful of people in our community, especially those who are most vulnerable. If you have symptoms, please don’t come to class.

We ask that everyone who comes to a class or event wash their hands on arrival, and regularly during drink breaks. If possible, we ask you bring hand sanitizer with you. We will have a limited amount available, but can’t guarantee these supplies. We also ask that you wash and disinfect your gear before and after class, and take all gear, drink bottles, towels and other items with you after class.

During classes there will be no contact with other participants, including no pairs/group drills, no games that involve touching, and we ask that you give your fellow participants a little extra space during all drills. While we love the closeness of our community, we also ask that people refrain from hugging and other contact.

We understand that some people might not want to come to class, and are happy to provide a 3-month extension on all class passes. We may extend this amount of time depending on new developments. You don’t need to do anything to claim your extension; if your pass expires just mention this to your instructor when you return to class and they will be aware of the situation.

Above all, we care about the health and wellbeing of our participants and our wider community, and we ask that you take care of yourselves and those closest to you during this time. We hope that skating continues to be an outlet for you, and hope that we can continue to provide a safe place to practice. We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide further updates if there are any further changes to our scheduled program.

– The RollerFit Team

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