Dance Workshops




RollerFit Founder & CEO, trained artistic & roller dance skater and Moxi Skate Team Member STACEY SHORT will  running two one-off workshops in Vancouver this Mayl!

Bringing some extra sunshine to Canada, Stacey be running a special RollerFit session PLUS 1 hour RollerFit Dance workshop!

Come and meet StaceySkates  and get advice on any skate skills. Dance, art, street, – Stacey and  live ‘s her life on their rollerskates and have years of experience across a huge range of skate styles.

In the special 1 hour ROLLERFIT workshop you will experience the mix of fitness-based drills and skate skills unique to the Rollerfit program. Accessible for ALL LEVELS of skate experience. Learn jumps, spins, backwards skating, moves like ‘the cabbage’ and ‘the coffin’ and much, much more – with a few fun games thrown in!

In the 1 hour ROLLERFIT DANCE workshop, Stacey  will give you a thorough introduction to the skate style Dance. Skate dance combines stepping, slides and turns to produce what many who have tried it as “the most fun on wheels, EVER”!

If you have your own skates and can confidently skate forwards, turn, stop and have some backwards skating experience, do NOT miss this unique opportunity to learn from Stacey.


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