Got A Question?

At RollerFit, we get questions from skaters of all levels, all the time. To make life easier for you (and us), we’ve put together our most frequently asked questions below. If you have a question please take a look here first, so our team can spend their time making more awesome stuff happen on wheels. If you can’t find the answer to your question below, you are very welcome to contact us!

Our Classes

What does a typical RollerFit class look like?

 A typical one-hour RollerFit class looks something like this:

Arrive and gear up

Warm up and stretch

Plus a mixture of:

3-4 different roller skate skills (for example: stopping, gliding on one or two feet, skating backwards, jumping, and loads of variations to suit different skill levels.)

2-3 skate tricks (for example: shoot the duck, coffins, twizzlers, dolphins, dance moves etc.)

Skate specific fitness drills


Cool down

There is lots of variety each week and we guarantee you will break a sweat, and have heaps of fun while doing it.

Do I need my own skates to come along? Do you offer skate hire?

No, you don’t need your own skates to come. We have a range of skates to hire at each of our venues. We have adult sizes 4-13, as well as kids sizes 10-6. This is based off Australian sizing. If you email us before you come to your first class, we can always organise to secure the correct sized skate for you. Skate hire is based on availability, so occasionally, if we don’t know your coming, we might not have the right size. Please note that we do not offer skate hire for our RollerFit Dance classes or events.

I am a total beginner, and have never skated before – can I still join?

You sure can! The vast majority of our classes cater to all levels of skating experience. We welcome those who have never skated before, all the way through to advanced skaters. Most of our members are at RollerFit to learn to skate. We even have some beginner classes, which are specifically geared to teaching the absolute basics. Check out our schedule, and we can’t wait to start you off on your roller skating journey.

Do I need to book?

While booking is not compulsory, if you are planning on coming to one of our classes for the first time, we ask that you email us in advance to let us know – especially if you need skate hire. Please contact stacey@rollerfit.com.au! Once you have attended your first class, you are then welcome to drop in to any future classes, and you don’t need to book.

How much are casual classes, and how do I pay?

When you first come along, a casual class is $25 per class, plus $5 skate hire. You can keep paying this rate as a non-member and drop in whenever you like for as along as you want.

You can pay via cash or card, or book ahead through our website. Just remember if you do this, to bring your receipt either printed or on your phone.

How much is membership and classes for members?

We offer a non compulsory RollerFit membership with a variety of benefits. For a one off fee of $25 you receive a membership pack, access to $20 drop-in classes, 10% off our online and in-store skate products, and access to RollerFit class passes that make each class even more affordable.

You will also be signed up to our mailing list, so you can easily keep up to date with new skate products and special events.  If you do not want to become a member you can continue to pay the non-membership drop in prices.

How can I purchase a RollerFit Class Pass?

We offer our RollerFit Members the option of purchasing 5, 10 or 20 classes in advance. These will give you a discount on regular class prices. You can
purchase your class pass online via our website, or by cash or EFTPOS at your RollerFit class. Make sure you pick up your Class Pass at your next RollerFit class if ordering online, and ensure you bring it along to every class.

Class pass rates:
5 class pass: $90 (works out to $18 per class, use within 2 months)
10 class pass: $160 (works out to $16 per class, use within 4 months)
20 class pass: $280 (works out to $14 per class, use within 6 months)

To buy your pass, click on your venue below:



Central Coast



Sydney Dance (Alexandria)


Sunshine Coast

Can I pay with card?

Yes, you can pay with card via a mobile application at our venues. Occasionally, due to factors beyond our control, this may not be available. If possible, we ask you bring some cash just in case.

Can I wear my inline skates to RollerFit?

Sure! You are welcome to bring your own skates, whether inlines/blades or quads – but we only offer quad skates for hire.

What should I wear to class?

Think of RollerFit as a fitness class, with skates. We advise you wear comfy gym clothes that you’re happy to get sweaty in. We also advise you wear clothes with a bit of stretch as most classes will have manoeuvres that will require you to move freely. Above all, you should wear what you feel comfortable in. For some people that’s old shorts and a t-shirt. For some, it’s full spandex. We welcome all styles!

Do you learn roller derby skills at RollerFit?

We do teach basic skills for roller skating that are needed for all styles of skating, including roller derby. We cover most of the non-contact skills required to start playing derby. However, we don’t teach derby specific game play skills. For that, we can help you get in touch with your local league. Lots of derby skaters come to our classes for extra time on skates, and cross training.

What is the minimum age for the adult classes?

You need to be 14 years or above to participate in our adult classes.

What is the minimum age for the junior class?

As a general rule, we recommend that kids no younger than 3 join a junior class. Generally as soon as your little ones are comfortable running, they are ready to get on wheels! However, when they are very small, we might need your help to guide and encourage them until they gain some confidence.

Can I skate with my child in the junior RollerFit class?

We welcome parents who would like to skate with their children. We charge $15 per parent in our junior class, plus $5 skate hire (if you need it).

Where are your classes located?

We currently have eight RollerFit locations. Click through to see the classes offered at each location, and the class schedule.



Central Coast



Sydney Dance (Alexandria)


Sunshine Coast

Skates and gear 

Where can I buy skates, and which ones should I get?

We sell all types of skates, across all disciplines. From beginner to advanced, recreational to professional. All of our coaches are well educated on the kinds of skates available, and what is best for each style of skating, so you might want to chat with us at your next classes. We love talking about skate gear, so don’t be shy. Alternatively, you can contact sam@rollerfit.com.au for some advice. To browse the options available, visit our shop.  All RollerFit members receive a 10% discount on our stock.

Should I wear protective gear while skating?

The decision about whether to wear protective gear is up to each individual skater, however we do encourage protective gear be worn, especially if you are a beginner. You might see confident skaters zipping around with no padding or helmet, but they have probably been doing it a long time, and probably wore gear while they built their skills. We sell all types of protective equipment if you are looking at getting your own. Visit our shop.

Can I hire protective gear?

At some of our venues, we provide wrist guards to use, free of charge. We do not provide kneepads, elbow pads or helmets. If you want to wear these, please bring your own. We sell all types of protective gear in our shop.

General Info

Do you offer general skating sessions?

We do not offer general skating sessions. All of our RollerFit locations operate on sports courts, which we hire out in order to run classes. We are not a roller skating rink, and skating is only available at our venues during our class times. From time to time, we run roller discos at our locations. You can find any upcoming events on our Facebook.

Do you offer birthday parties and special events?

Yes! We have a great program for both kids and adults parties and events, plus very reasonable pricing packages. If you would like more info, please email stacey@rollerfit.com.au with enquiries.

Why don’t you offer RollerFit in my location? 

While we would love to have RollerFit at many more locations, and think skating should happen everywhere, opening at new venues takes a lot of resources and time. Usually when we open a new venue it is after years of planning and coordination. We might have plans in the future of opening in new locations, but unfortunately, we just can’t be everywhere. However, you can follow along on our Instagram or Facebook page, and participate in our RollerFit challenge each month.

How do I become a RollerFit coach?

If you are interested in becoming a RollerFit coach and live in a location close to a RollerFit venue, contact Stacey@rollerfit.com.au to discuss if there are any current openings.