How to choose your Moxi Skates!

The mercury is rising, that means summer is almost here! All we want to do is spend our days outside, skating of course! Recently, We have had a lot of interest in Moxi Skates and have decided to take a few minutes to explain your options!

Our resident Rollergirl, Stacey has been skating in Spain with owner of Moxi roller skates Michelle (Estro Jen). We managed to get a snapshot (taken by: Greg Mirzoyan) of what they were both skating. Stacey is on the Moxi Lolly Fuchsia with Roll-Line Mariner plate, bones reds bearings and bones bounce wheels. While Estro skates the Lolly Poppy with a reactor plate,Bones Swiss Bearings and Bones wheels.

So to make it easier to decide what option you want, here are a few steps:

Step one: Deciding the style you want*

  • Lolly Skates > These are the suede high top design. They are designed for recreational skating and outdoor activities. This boot breaks in quickly and will form around you foot minimising discomfort!
  • Ivy Skates > These are the vegan alternative. Also featuring a high top design but in animal prints! These skates are slightly more economical than the suede Moxi skates.

Step two: Deciding on the colour*

Lolly Skates now come in SIX amazing colours;

  • Empty Pool Blue
  • Fuchsia
  • Poppy (Red)
  • Strawberry (Light Pink)
  • Floss (Light Teal)
  • Taffy (Purple)

Ivy Skates;  

  • “City” – Pink Leopard
  • “Jungle” – Brown Leopard
  • “Zoo” – Red Zebra

Step three: Complete set-up v. Boot Only (For Lolly Skates ONLY)

  • The Complete set-up includes; Powerdyne nylon thrust plate, Kwik Abec 7 bearings, Moxi Outdoor Wheels. This is a ready to skate set up!
  • Boot Only; This allows you to design your own skate set-up. If you want to put a premium plate on your skates then this is the option for you.

*Style & Colour availability will vary

To check out all the colours and styles head over to our website:

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