Meet The RollerFit Team

Stacey Short

A four-wheeled force of nature since the age of four, what began as a cute mother-daughter skating trip for little Stacey became a life-long passion. Competing as an artistic skater at a state and national level, a fascination with "the sensation of rolling" kept Stacey on skates well into adulthood. To keep  Stacey’s own fitness and share the fabulous sport of roller skating, in 2011 RollerFit in Sydney was born. RollerFits popularly grew quickly which then in 2013 inspired its own nationwide program under the Skate Australia Banner, SkateFit. Stacey is now on the Moxi Roller Skates International Skate Team and has a sister performance business Rollergirl Promotions

Matt + Amelia

Sydney Metro

High School sweethearts turned skating power couple. Some of high school sweethearts, Matt and Amelia’s first awkward dates took place at their local skate rink. More than a decade later, now married, they heard about the Rollerdisco and jumped at the chance to rekindle their love for skating and each other. They have been Rollerfit junkies ever since and after picking up artistic skates on a recent trip to Italy they are now training towards their first competitions; Amelia as a graceful figure skater and Matt jumping and spinning his way into free skating.



A skater born from RollerFit! Amy joined Stacey’s RollerFit classes in 2012 in an attempt to regain the roller skills she had as a child. Later in her skating career you could find her tearing up the Derby Track with VRDL in Melbourne. Amy is the owner of RollerFit Melbourne with a passion of coaching Roller Skating through RollerFit classes and forever learning and growing her own skate skills through Roller Dance .



True to her roots, Genevieve is an outdoor loving Rollerskating California Girl. A surfer and skateboarder, above all rollerskating rates highest on her all time loves. "Rollerfit is unlike anything else, you get a workout without feeling without the torture of remembering it! You're too busy having a good time."


Central Coast + Hunter

Ange is passionate about all types of skating. She has been skating on and off since the age of 6 and really seriously been focusing on skating for the past 5 years. Derby, jam, rhythm, skate parks, street or adventure… anything to keep her smiling with wheels on her feet. This is also why you will find her as one of our RollerFit coaches and a member of the International Moxi Skate Team.


Central West NSW

Anna has been skating for 6 years and is one excellent Roller Derby Player who use to play for Sydney team S2D2. Anna moved to Bathurst 3 years ago and is currently sharing the skills she has learnt over the years with RollerFit. Anna also still loves helping at her local Roller Derby league in Bathurst and Oberon.


Brisbane Owner

Ex Byron Bay babe Nicola has spent over a decade working in the entertainment industry, and has now taken her love of events and combined it with her passion for roller-skating! With a background in roller derby and recreational skating, Nicola is the owner of RollerFit in Brisbane where she spreads the joy of skating through the community. She is in her element teaching roller skating classes multiple times a week, balanced with raising her 2 girls, who are just starting their own journey on wheels.


Brisbane Instructor


Brisbane Instructor


Brisbane Instructor

Jem aka Molly is a Brisbane based rollergirl who was born with skating in her blood. She is a second-generation derby girl who followed in her mother’s footsteps, and has now taken her skills to the skate park for an even more adrenaline filled style of skating. Molly has been skating since she was a kid, so it is no wonder that she is her happiest when she has wheels on her feet. With a super confident, fun loving, and confident personality, whenever she is rolling, her huge smile is her permanent accessory.