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Are you ready for a new pair of roller skates?

Whether you are just starting out on your roller skating journey, or you are a seasoned skater looking for a pair of recreational skates, we understand that is easy to become overwhelmed by all the options available! Unless you know what to look for, it is easy to fall into the trap of buying a pair of skates that aren’t suited to your purpose or discipline, and as you develop your knowledge and skating style, before long you might end up wanting another pair that are a better fit for you. We see it all the time!

While the cost and aesthetic appeal of your new skates will definitely play a part in your decision-making, these factors aren’t as important as functionality, quality and durability!

To help you on your way we have put together a handy guide that outlines what you should be looking for in a pair of recreational roller skates, along with some of the features of our favourite products, so you can be rolling into a RollerFit class or along your local esplanade with comfort and style in no time. 

What to look for when buying roller skates?

The most important thing to look for when buying your new roller skates is quality! Chances are you will be using your skates a lot, and you need a pair that is going to last. For maximum comfort and performance, look for skates that don’t lift from the heel when you try them on. In terms of hardware, you should look for skates that have:

  • an adjustable toe stop
  • good bearings (give the wheels a spin and see how long they keep spinning for. The longer the better!)
  • quality wheels (look for a good urethane compound over hard plastic)

When it comes to roller skates, the brand name counts! Certain brands have been in the market for a long time and work extremely hard to design and manufacture products specifically suited to the various roller skating disciplines.

The best companies are run by those with a passion for skating, and have the best interest of the roller skating community at heart. We understand that in some sports, brand names are less important, but when it comes to skating, the brands that are most prevalent have earned their reputation based on high quality products and services.

With this in mind, here are a few of the skates that we love and recommend for recreational roller skating and RollerFit classes:

Moxi Roller Skates

Moxi roller skates are a leader in the roller skating market and are designed by roller skaters for roller skaters. Moxi skates are made in the USA, and are the brainchild of the vibrant skating veteran Estro Jen. You can read more about the Moxi ethos here. We love Moxi roller skates for their durability, comfort and colourful look! We have a range of Moxi skates in stock to try on, so that you can feel their unique features first hand. 

Moxi Beach Bunny Skate

The Moxi Beach Bunny skates are a great beginner skate that come in a variety of colours. They have an adjustable toe-stop, and an intermediate level plate that will grow with you as you improve your skating skills. They are even made from vegan materials! 

Moxi Lolly Skate

The Moxi Lolly skate is made in the USA and each skate is individually hand stitched. These high quality skates are long lasting, and are made for comfort. We have seen many skaters that are still wearing the Lolly’s they purchased when Moxi was established. These premium skates come ready to roll with a superior flexible boot, a quality plate, as well as great outdoor wheels and bearings.

Moxi Jack Boot

The new Moxi Jack boot is exploding in popularity due to its unique fit and extreme versatility. For the more serious skater, the Jack is a harder, more supportive boot with an indestructible toe and is great for recreational skating, dance and ramp skating. Also hand stitched in the USA, it can be paired with a plate of your choice for a premium setup.


Suregrip are another USA based company that is run by roller skaters for roller skaters. Suregrip have a long history of supporting the roller skating industry and provide exceptional quality and service across their range.

Suregrip FAME

The Suregrip FAME is a perfect skate for beginners. It is affordable, comes with comfortable padding, an adjustable toe-stop and has a low profile that is great for learning. We use this model for our rental roller skates, and some sets are still going strong after 7 years of use!

Suregrip Malibu

If you are on a budget, the Suregrip Malibu is a great alternative to the FAME. It has a little less padding and is a little bit less comfortable to skate in, but is great for the price!

Some other options

While we most often recommend the above to our skaters, there are a couple of other options with notable features and a good price tag that you might like to consider.

Riedell R3 Outdoor 

The Riedell R3 is an entry level outdoor skate that is best suited to those who like a low ankle boot, similar to many roller derby boots, and will is best for skating outdoors. They are very comfortable, and durable, however are not as responsive for dance or RollerFit as some of the other choices.

Edea Opera Package – Artistic Skate 

The Edea Opera skates are made in Italy and are a great alternative to the Moxi or Suregrip Fame for those who would prefer a harder Artistic style boot  focus on RollerFit or dance in their recreational skating.

We love to share the joy of roller skating, and our knowledgeable team can talk you through the options and fit you out in no time.

Whatever skates you choose, we hope to see you rolling at one of our RollerFit classes or out and about soon!

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