RollerFit Live Classes

Join Us For RollerFit Live!

Due to social distancing and quarantine restrictions over the last few months.

All our classes are being done by donation and these funds are what will keep us rolling through these uncertain times as our doors stay closed but bills like insurances, venue hire, and technology keep coming in. We encourage you to pay what you can afford and know that a little extra will cover the practice of someone else who is financially strained right now. If you can’t afford anything, we still want you to tune in because we know how important movement and community are!

Here at RollerFit we are staying positive and are so excited by how much bigger our community is growing due to this unexpected evolution in our delivery. Please invite your friends and family to our classes, and be patient with us as we adapt to this new format. If you have any questions or feedback send us a message.

All class times are in Sydney, Australia time and you can covert to your local time zone here.  

Classes will be stored in Instagram TV for 48 hours, and some classes will be available for longer.

Moving forward we ask our @rollerfit supporters doing live classes to donate to Black and Aboriginal-run social justice organisations and bailout funds. All fundraising links are here:

If you are a new skater, you can also order our Absolute Beginner Program and our Beginner Plus Program to start working on your fundamental skills! Shop Here!

New Timetable July August 2020


6pm Beginner Dance with Matt and Amelia


7:30pm RollerFit All In with Amy


6pm Dance with Matt and Amelia on Zoom. Tickets sold separately. Check Instagram for updates.


11am Special Guest Coach Hour Monthly– Check Instagram for guest (time changes pending on where our guests skates from)

Sunday- fortnighly 

4pm RollerFit All In with Nicola –

RollerFit Class Levels

ALL- All RollerFit classes cater for all skill levels with variations and adjustments throughout.

Dance Class Levels

Absolute Beginner: For those who have never practiced dance before or want every move broken down and practiced slowly.

Beginner + : For beginners who are comfortable stopping, stepping side to side, crossing in front and behind, turning around, balancing on one leg for short periods, and are working on backwards skating.

Intermediate: For skaters who have done some dance and are familiar with some dance moves like the downtown, zero etc. You don’t need to know these base moves but classes will move more quickly and will include variations.