RollerFit Presents

Roller Skate maintenance Workshop


When spending hundreds of dollars on skates and skating equipment, skate maintenance is a big factor in making it all last. Depending on what you do with your skates--whether it is strictly recreational RollerFit or you take it outside, spending an hour every other month cleaning your equipment will make your items last so much longer than if you don't. Maintaining your skating equipment is generally easy to do, especially with travel size products such as bearing and wheel cleaner.

This workshop will teach you about all hardware on your skates, we will teach you what each component on your skates does, how to check your skates for any issues, and why it important to keep them clean and to know about your skates.

To come and watch this workshop and take notes is FREE. However if you wish to get your hands dirty and actually clean your bearings and wheels, the cost is $30 and includes, Bearing Cleaner Tool, Bones Bearing Speed Cream to take home!  Please bring an old rag, and a book to write notes.