Stefi Schelzig 30

‘Rollerfit has changed my life completely. I didn’t just find a place where I could learn how to skate properly and actually do it every week I have also found amazing people I can share this experience with. The best place to go to keep fit, learn new skills, have fun and socialise.’

Sofi Sey – 44

‘2 & a half years down the track and I’m still loving Rollerfit. I’m fitter than I have been in years, have met so many great people and always enjoy learning new tips & tricks from the Rollerfit instructors.’

Zoe, 24

‘I love RollerFit! I started to advance my footwork and agility skills on skates and I’ve already seen results! It’s an amazing way to get fit and have fun.’

Alexandra Robinson, 27

‘Rollerfit is the most fun, addictive, and pressure-free fitness class I’ve experienced. Learning from a passionate skater like Stacey drives me to want to learn new things, and compliments my roller derby training.’


‘I started going to Rollerfit since the very beginning. I hadn’t been on roller skates before not even in my childhood and I found it really challenging to even stand. Everyone was really supportive and really helped me gain the confidence to keep learning and finally be able to skate properly. Stacey and the other coaches also helped me get my confidence to play roller derby and a lot of the skills I learnt with Rollerfit transfer over to roller derby.

I still keep going to Rollerfit to enhance my skating skills, the classes are so much fun that you don’t realise you are having a massive workout at the same time. I’ve also made a group of friends that are absolutely amazing.
I highly recommend Rollerfit to anyone who wants to have a fun workout; wants to meet an awesome group of people and wants to learn or enhance their roller-skating skills.’