The Top 3 Reasons to Stop Putting off Going to RollerFit

The Top 3 Reasons to Stop Putting off Going to RollerFit by Sam aka @marmaladeslam

If you have been thinking about going to RollerFit for a while now but just haven’t been able to get around to pulling out the skates and making it happen, don’t worry, I get it! I did the same thing for a long time. When I was playing derby I used the excuse that I was already training too much, and then after derby, I found other excuses (I was too busy/broke/tired). But, once I actually dragged myself along to a class, I was so glad I did!

That’s why I have put together this list of the top 3 reasons why you should stop putting off going to RollerFit, get your skates on, and get there today!

1. It’s Good For You

Sometimes we don’t feel like going to gym, or going for a run, or eating a salad for lunch, but we know we should because it’s good for us. Well, RollerFit is more fun than all of those things, and it is even better for your health and well being. Skating burns as many (if not more) calories than an intense cardio session, but it doesn’t feel as tedious as pounding an hour on the treadmill or swimming laps. Not only is it a solid way to get in shape, but it also has long term health benefits for your mind and body. After a session, I get that awesome post exercise rush, and feel more balanced.

2. You Learn Things

Whether you’ve never skated before or have years of skating experience, RollerFit is still guaranteed to teach you new things. It combines so many different types of skating and skating skills, and introduces you to new techniques. For me, it has improved my overall skating exponentially. I never did any dance or artistic skating, so I have definitely picked up some new moves at RollerFit. It is a great feeling to come away from a class being able to do something that you couldn’t do when you arrived, and to have something to work on yourself. It’s a motivator to skate more, and to be active without it feeling like work.

3. It’s Fun

Sometimes it’s ok to just do things because you enjoy them! Even if I forget about the benefits to my health, and the fact that I am improving my skills, RollerFit is still great because it makes me laugh and I get to hang out with other awesome roller skaters. Mixed in between the fitness and drills there are games and dance routines. The Sunday class is my perfect way to unwind and let off some steam before the busy week ahead.

Like setting any new routine, the hardest part is starting, but once you get in the groove and see the benefits, you will look back and wonder why you waited so long.

There is a reason why everyone at RollerFit always looks so happy! Skating is a passion and a way of life that is embodied by this amazing movement. See for yourself.

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