What We Do

A Look Into What We Do At RollerFit

Everything we do in a class at RollerFit, aims to increase your cardio endurance, flexibility, core strength, agility and balance. Every session is unique, with:

  • Technique skating drills
  • Exercises
  • games
  • Team activities
  • and a couple of dances thrown in the mix!

In our classes, you will you burn those calories and work up a sweat! How do we know? Because our Skate Australia accredited coaches sure do when they’re teaching it. As well as the Basics we can also teach you how to skate backwards or perform tricks. (And if it’s Derby you want to do then we can assist you with specific Derby Skills.) This is also a fantastic aerobic work! At RollerFit, you’ll never feel left out. We offer classes from beginner and learn to skate, all the way through to advanced.

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